Celebrate your curves

Hello dears. Recently I have been feeling so proud of my body, happy and strong, I feel like empowered and very sure of myself. I have been following different “plus size” model and I really admire what they do, and how they  give us the same strength to feel beautiful and proud of ourselves. I always say that we have to be healthy, but we got to accept out bodies. We can´t have the body that somebody else has, because or constitutions are different and our bodies also react different, so don’t kill yourselves starving and spending hrs and hrs working out. Enjoy your life, eat healthy and work out, But our life don’t have to go around our weigh or a “beauty stereotype”

I love Alda’s campaign: REVOLUTIONIZING OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH THE MIRROR. Lets use this hashtags and lets conquest the whole world with our beauty in all shapes :D #beautybeyondsize, #loveyourbody, #sexystateofmind #curvesarein, #lovetheskinyourein and #curvyfitclub.

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