The 20 lies that we all (girls) say to ourselves when dating an idiot

  1. He is just in a bad mood now
  2. He didn’t treat me good “but I love him
  3. He is just having problems dealing with all the emotions. I know he loves me.
  4. He makes me happy, well, most of the time.
  5. My friends talk bad about him, but is just because they don’t know him like I do.
  6. My mom and sister doesn’t like him, but they don´t know him like me.
  7. Nobody in this world knows him as i do. They don’t understand.
  8. He is bad behave but is not his fault that’s how they raise him.
  9. I know he would get involve with my things if he wasn´t angry.
  10. I know he will finish college someday as he said.
  11. I can make him change
  12. Tomorrow everything will be better
  13. It was my fault.
  14. Its ok that we don’t walk holding hands in the Street is because he doesn’t like that kind of thing in public.
  15. Not all the relationship are perfect.
  16. This is just a bad moment.
  17. Next time he will keep his promise.
  18. He will never love somebody else like me.
  19. He needs time for himself.
  20. He needs time for his friends because they are very good friends.

Which other lie do you think we say to ourselves to justify an idiont behave?

The paradise exists, is called San alejo!

This morning I was going home from my course (by the way I am finally taking it) An I saw a very curious store “San Alejo” So I decided to walk inside. To my surprise it was the most amazing store I´ve ever been, so I just started to walk slowly and carefully. A place full of story, old memories and definitely better times. Records, old book, lamps, huge bags the most beautiful cameras in the universe, toys even beds were displayed all over. So a young man came and asked me ” welcome, how can I help you?” I was completely stunned that I just looked at him and said “this is an amazing place, is paradise. But I haven’t seen this place before. Is it new?” And he replied ” oh sure, just 34 years” I just laughed and think It seems like I never went out ( Embarrassed face) I asked to this young guy a few prices and keep looking. People there is so kind and helpful even the music is amazing.
This time I did not buy anything as I wasn’t expecting such a discover. Definitely a place to spend money as is not expensive at all plus you are buying a piece of history.
I want to share some picture with you and of course the website in case you are in Bogotá and wanna buy something cool or just visit the place.

Muebles de San alejo

Esta mañana volvía a casa de mi curso (que ha propósito ya estoy tomando) y vi una tienda muy curiosa “San Alejo” Así que decidí entrar a mirar, lo que llamamos en Colombia a “chismosear” Para mi sorpresa, era la tienda más increíble en la que he estado,empece a caminar lentamente y con cuidado. Un lugar lleno de historia, viejos recuerdos y definitivamente mejores tiempos. Discos, libros viejos, lámparas, enormes maletas de viaje, las más bellas cámaras en el universo, juguetes e incluso camas están exhibidas por todo el lugar. De repente un joven se acercó y me preguntó “bienvenida, ¿cómo puedo ayudarle?” Yo estaba completamente aturdida que sólo lo miré y le dije “este  lugar es increíble, es el paraíso. Pero no lo habia visto antes. ¿Es nuevo?” Y él respondió: “Oh, por supuesto, sólo 34 años” Me reí y pensé “Parece que nunca salgo de casa” (rostro avergonzado) le pregunté a este joven  unos precios y seguií buscando. La gente allí es muy amable y servicial, incluso la música es increíble.
Esta vez no he comprado nada, ya que no esperaba tal descubrimiento. Sin duda un lugar para gastar algo de dinero que no es caro en absoluto además que se está comprando un pedazo de historia.
Quiero compartir algunas fotos con ustedes y por supuesto el sitio web en caso de que de que si visitan Bogotá y quieran comprar algo genial o simplemente visitar el lugar.

Muebles de San alejo








My painting experience

As I have told you, I have been experienced a strange taste for painting, and I say strange because really, i wasn’t remarkable at school for my art skills (furthermore, I didn’t have any) But last year for me, as I mentioned in Are you really happy with your career now was a year that really opened my mind and I saw the light, lot of colors, inspiration and …. yeah, that sounds kinda hippie but is real. So I found myself painting lots of thing that at the beginning was horrible, well at least for me, but I have been experimenting with lots of techniques that I consider myself as an amateur artist now. So I want to share the paintings that I recently did.
Hope you like it.

Como te he dicho, he estado experimentado un gusto  extraño para la pintura, y digo extraño porque realmente, yo no era notable en la escuela por mis habilidades de arte (es más, no tenía ninguna) pero el año pasado para mí, como mencioné en la Are you really happy with your career now ha sido un año que realmente me abrió la mente y vi la luz, muchos colores, inspiración y …. sí, eso suena un poco hippie, pero es real. Así que me encontré pintando un montón de cosas que al principio era horrible, bueno, al menos para mí, pero he estado experimentando con una gran cantidad de técnicas que ya me considero como una artista aficionada ;). Así que quiero compartir las pinturas que hice recientemente.
Espero que les guste.

PD: I think I have been doing lots of thing recently so I have carpal tunnel syndrome :( But I know that is not gonna stop me now  ♪ ♫ I have to take some exams to see if is necesary the surgery or what….. Wish me the best.

PD : Creo que he estado haciendo un montón de cosas recientemente así que tengo el síndrome del túnel carpiano :( Pero yo sé que eso no me va a parar ahora ♪ ♫ Tengo que tomar algunos exámenes para ver si es necesaria la cirugía o que … ..

No car no Motorbike Day!

Yes yes!! that is possible, and that was possible yestarday here in Bogotá, colombia. This was the 16th no car day here, but the first one without motorbike too. Clean air, no traffic no bips, no smoke no rush!! Paradise, that was the Favorite word yesterday for the ones who usually have to get into a car or public transportation to get to work or study.

What we saw? Bicibles, bicicles and…… yes! bicicles which is a very amazing alternative, clean and faster than what we thought. We also saw lot of cabs and public transportation driving in empy roads.

What we learned? we can help our enviroment (planet) by simple actions as this. Wake up a bit earlier, take your bike and enjoy your life, you will be happier, more healthy and earlier. And also that with and efficient public transportation we dont need millions of cars out in the street.

We have to learn a lot from this experience, but the important fact is that the city took the first step.

This is how our city looked like yesterday.



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Is a matter of perspective!

I recently saw this video and get into the conclusion: is a matter of perspective.

I  believe that you have to be healthy and happy and really, women´s  “ideal” body types change like if we are a trendy article. But, why do we have to achieve those stupid beauty  standards in order to be accepted? and you will see is so relative that really is crazy. Just enjoy yourself and be happy with it.

I want to share with you :D


Recientemente vi este video y llegue a la conclusión de: es cuestión de perspectiva.

Personalmente creo que las mujeres debemos ser saludables y felices y enserio, el cuerpo “ideal” de la mujer ha cambiado tanto que me hace sentir como que somos un artículo de moda. Pero, ¿por qué debemos alcanzar esos estándares estúpidos de belleza para ser aceptadas? Y verán en el video que es tan relativo que enserio es loco. Solo disfruta como eres y se feliz con ello.

Acá les comparto.


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Are you really happy with your career now?

Sometimes I thought about doing something different in my life from teaching preschoolers, and I imagine what else can I do, and I am not talking about a job, I am talking about do what you really want to do. Spend my life doing what I really enjoy and feel motivated to. I thought about shifting careers.
In 2013 I was working at a really big school and very important by the way here in Bogotá Colombia, but someday something changed, something that i really dont know what was it. At that moment I did not pay attention to it as I thought it was something that day, like we usually have those moments when we just want to run away. Years ago I dreamt about being the best teacher for my students, an example for them and I wanted to get a job in a very important school here. Than day finally came, after years of trying and studing to be prepared I got a job in the most important school in the country, but something was missing, what was it? something was not completly right for me, maybe that sounds kind of an spoilded girl, but I really felt that it wasnt complete. I worked for a year there, but I notice that being a teacher in this country is not something diferent from being a talking parrot and a babysiter, like teacher can not give what we really are and share knowledge in an empathic way, schools just want to charge millions and “show results” But then I asked to my self, what type of results we what to show? are our students enjoying the time here? are they happy? is that important to show the whole world the high scores our students get in tests? I mean dont get my wrong, of course is important to teach and teach them lot of subjects, but, when that became a priority over our student happiness, life and time? when did we start to think that all our students are all the same and forget about individuality and teach them like robots and very far away of their reallity? Well, all that was the triger I guess to realize that I wasnt enjoying my job the way I wanted to and that I need a change because I was swiming against the water flow. Last year something open my eyes and I started to be more creative, I started to paint, to draw and to write articles for small blogs and I notice that I realy enjoy that and that I was being able to be at home with my boys and actually “be there” for them, so I thoght hmm I really enjoy this, I have time, I am at home, because why do we work our asses off if we are just a visitors in our own houses and we dont have time for our family and friendas. So I decided to look for courses about writing and social media. There was when I felt that I wanted to shift careers and study something related to content writting, publicity and social media. At the beggining I felt guilty, an embarrasment for my family and myself, but as always my husband suported my and also my family because whats the point to keep doing what you are doing if you and your family (but specially you) are not happy, satisfy and there is a hole in your life?
I am gonna start a course realted to this on February and also I am working on my own swimsuit cover ups company which is something I also love.
I wated to share my story here in my own blog and with this I just want to tell you, if you are feeling the same way I felt that day just take the first step and the rest will fallow, as that Tom and Laura Misch song. Just do what you really want to do and be what you really want to be. Remember, nobody can do for you what you dont do for yourself.
Thank you

2015 trends

2015 trends is based on an early 1970 nostalgic, maybe something like “make love not war” quote. Shirt dresses, yellow and military greens, floral, camouflage and geo patterns , kimono shapes and lot of white is what we will see this season. But if you are more classic, black and white is always trendy this time you can play with pattern, textures and silhouette. And as in every season the basic DEMIN.
Just remember not because is trendy you HAVE to wear it. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable, adjust the fashion world to you.

Y, qué nos trae el 2015 en tendencias? este año la moda esta algo basada en la nostalgia de los años 70, algo asi como “hagamos el amor y no la guerra”. los vestidos tipo camisa largos, el color amarillo en todas sus tonalidades, los verdes militares, los estampados en floral, camuflado y geométricos. Los diseños tipo quimono y mucho blanco será lo que marque las tendencia. Pero si eres más clásico y el color no es lo tuyo, el blanco y negro son otro opción, esta vez jugando con patrones, texturas y siluetas. Otro material que jamas falta es el Demin, en todas sus expresiones. 

Solo recuerda, no porque esta de moda debes usarlo, lo importante siempre es mantenerse cómoda y ajustar el mundo fashion a tu estilo.





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New year

What does a new year represent? For me it’s a change, is closing the door on the past and open the future’s, learn from the bad and make a change, it’s set a new goal where you will have the opportunity to experience new things, new attitudes, new strategies.  A new year represents closing a chapter or in some cases to close the whole book, to get ready for new and better things.  As I read some day let the past go an grab the future, now the present.  I wish you all to have an amazing new year full of love,  health and prosperity.  Thank you for support my blog, and me as a writer. Be happy and enjoy every single moment.  Cheers from Cartagena. :*


Que representa un año nuevo para mi?  Es un cambio positivo, cerrarle la puerta al pasado y abrirla para el futuro, aprender de lo malo y hacer un cambio, es proponer nuevas metas donde tienes la oportunidad de experimentar nuevas cosas, estrategias y actitudes. Un nuevo año representa cerrar capitulos o en algunos casos cerrar el libro entero y prepararse para nuevas y mejores aventuras. Como leí alguna vez, si no sueltas el pasado Cómo sostendras el futuro. Les deseo a todos un año nuevo lleno de amor, salud y prosperidad. Gracias por apoyar mi blog y a mi como escritora. Sean felices y disfruten cada momento. Salud desde Cartagena :*